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WaterProofing Specialist Malaysia

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- Liquid applied membrane

- Liquid applied acrylic copolymer

- Liquid applied polyurethane

- Liquid applied water repellent solution

- Cementitious brush applied coating

- Flexible cementitious coating

- Torch applied membrane

- Mineral APP torch on membrane

- Anti-root torch on membrane

- Self Adhesive membrane

- Traffic bearing membrane

- Hot Air weld membrane

WaterProofing Specialists and Contractors

Waterproofing Consultant Malaysia

Our professional waterproofing system installers will work closely with you on every stage of your project, from planning, design, preparation of specification, method statements, and details of waterproofing installation to the completion of waterproofing system. We provide a complete range of effective waterproofing membrane systems in competitive prices

Membrane Waterproofing System

Waterproofing Consultant Malaysia The membrane water proofing is a bituminous waterproofing sheet having multi layers of plastic reinforcement. Plastic reinforcement in membrane waterproofing system does not degenerate or decay and the system could perform over 20 years.

Membrane waterproofing system has excellent temperature resistance and good to absorb structural movements and the waterproofing membrane is extremely flexible.

The membrane waterproofing system can be installed to flat or slope roofing, and new or old roofs. The membrane waterproofing system is suitable for roofs of any finish like concrete roofs, clay tiled roofs, mosaic roofs, etc..

This membrane system can also be used on basements, flat roofs, swimming pools, ponds, roof gardens, underground structures, bridges, etc.

Roof Waterproofing Systems

Polymer coatings – costing system
Sheet membranes – membrane system
Liquid membranes – membrane system
Pressure grouting – grouting system
Polymer and epoxy treatments – treatment system

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Water Proofing System Installation
Flat roof waterproofing,
Corrugated roofs waterproofing,
basement waterproofing,
Retaining wall waterproofing,
Swimming pool waterproofing,
Ponds waterproofing,
Reservoir waterproofing,
Toilets waterproofing,
Balcony waterproofing,
Gutters waterproofing,
Washroom waterproofing, etc.

Water Proofing System Checking and Analysis
Inspection of water proofing system, check, detect and analysis on waterproofing system to confirm the location of leakage in water proofing system, followed by effective and cost saving repair ...

Water Proofing System Repair and Rectification
We are specialize in repair and rectification on existing waterproofing system of all buildings in Malaysia. Our waterproofing specialists will propose effective waterproofing repairs and rectification program which will minimize disruption to building occupants ...


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