WATERPROOFING SYSTEM SPECIALIST and CONTRACTOR in Malaysia We install and repair waterproofing system for all kinds of building in Malaysia
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WaterProofing Specialist Malaysia

Bio Focus Resources Sdn Bhd WaterProofing Specialist and Contractors in Malaysia


- Basement Waterproofing Systems

- Above Grade Waterproofing Systems

- Liquid applied membrane

- Liquid applied acrylic copolymer

- Liquid applied polyurethane

- Liquid applied water repellent solution

- Cementitious brush applied coating

- Flexible cementitious coating

- Torch applied membrane

- Mineral APP torch on membrane

- Anti-root torch on membrane

- Self Adhesive membrane

- Traffic bearing membrane

- Hot Air weld membrane

WaterProofing Specialists and Contractors

Waterproofing Consultant Malaysia

Bio Focus Resources Sdn Bhd WaterProofing Specialist Malaysia is a team of professional waterproofing system specialists and Consultants in Malaysia.

As a specialist for waterproofing systems, we offer the most extensive and efficient waterproofing system installation and repairs for the protection of buildings from water. We have an experience team to install waterproofing, maintain and repair water seepages or leakages problem in a building.

Using the latest technology in waterproofing and application systems, our waterproofing specialist company Malaysia is the leading specialist in commercial, residential and industrial waterproofing system and tanking waterproofing.

We provide a wide range of water proofing system from liquid applied water proofing membrane, cementitious water proofed coating, chemical injection waterproof system, torch applied water proof membrane, spot repair system, exposed water proofing system, self adhesive water proofing membrane, conceal water proofing system, and other effective water proofing system.

Waterproofing Consultant Malaysia Whether you're an individual property developer, contractor, builder or individual building owner, our waterproofing systems will have the solution for your buildings or projects.

We have over 10 years of waterproofing system installation, maintenance and repair experience, supported by extensive waterproofing product range, covering everything from high performance roof waterproofing system to basement waterproofing system or tanking system.

Operating throughout Malaysia and successfully completed some of the most prestigious and challenging projects, Our waterproofing specialist Malaysia provides you with a highly professional service and a waterproofing specialist you can trust. We offer the latest specifications, client support and waterproofing system guarantees.

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